FE COAT 1000


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  FE COAT 1000 is an elastomeric acrylic coating. It forms a waterproofing membrane with superior weatherproofing, durability, flexibility, and color retention for long-term protection.  FE COAT 1000 is a single component basecoat/topcoat system designed for easy application with conventional or airless spray equipment, as well as brush and rollers. The FE COAT 1000 system is economical, reflective, and energy efficient.

FE COAT 1000 is used to protect, weatherproof, and reflect UV radiation when used over spray polyurethane foam systems, built-up roofs, modified Bitumen systems, and metal roof systems. FE COAT 1000 can also be used as a damp proofing material over masonry and wood surfaces. FE COAT 1000 is not suitable for interior applications in place of a thermal barrier. This acrylic coating system has excellent adhesion to many other existing coatings and roof surfaces.

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