ELASTOCOAT™ S-5001-L Silicone Roof Coating is a moisture-cure silicone rubber roof coating system designed for use over spray-in-place polyurethane foam. Supplied as a one-part, ready-to-use material, it is available in four fade-resistant colors including dark gray, gray, beige and white.

APPROVAL/SPECIFICATIONS: • Meets Factory Mutual Class I ratings over metal decks, existing built-up roofs and concrete decks. • Meets UL-790 requirements for Class A ratings on noncombustible decks and Class B combustible decks.

The controlled flow properties of the coating allow a continuous, even film to be applied even over rough surfaces. Once cured, ELASTOCOAT S-5001-L Silicone Roof Coating forms a tough, flexible membrane that is integral with the structure itself. When properly applied, the cured coating provides a weather-tight seal that will protect polyurethane foam from degradation caused by weathering, aging, oxidation, wind-driven sand, rain and snow and the effects of ozone and ultraviolet radiation. The membrane remains flexible even after exposure to temperature extremes typically seen on roofs. The cured silicone rubber membrane is vapor permeable, having the ability to "breathe," and thus reduces both the chances of blistering caused by vapor pressure in the substrate and the possibility of damage to the substrate caused by entrapped water.

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