Nitrosys Plus is the first low pressure spray foam system that is approved to process and spray traditional high-pressure spray foam formulations. This unique process allows users to apply foam with a disposable plastic gun eliminating costs associated with gun maintenance, training and downtime.

Nitrosys + is a low-pressure system that uses standard formulation foam designed for high pressure systems. Nitrosys + Includes auto calibration, pre-heaters and heated hoses, transfer pumps and a Handi Foam II gun or Nitrosys Plus gun. Auto calibration allows your materials to be mixed in the correct ration saving in waste and labor costs. The Pre- heaters and heated hoses maintain constant temperatures and increase consistency and yield. Transfer pumps move material from 5-55 gallons into Nitrosys to be auto calibrated.

Improper mixing now is not dictated by pressure which means:

·         Reduction in sprayer fatigue

·         Less power consumption

·         Quiet Operation

·         Less Maintenance

·         Injection hazards are greatly reduced